> scamgr

This board is uninitialized.
You will now initialize the board.  You may either
initialize the board with a new configuration or 
restore the configuration from a device backup file.

1. Initialize board with new configuration
2. Initialize board from device backup file
Your Choice (0 to exit) --> 1
Run in FIPS 140-2 mode? (Y/Yes/N/No) [No]: 
Initial Security Officer Name: device-sec-officer
Initial Security Officer Password: 
Confirm password: 

Board initialization parameters:
Initial Security Officer Name: devsecofr
Run in FIPS 140-2 Mode: No

Is this correct? (Y/Yes/N/No) [No]: Y
Initializing crypto accelerator board.  This may take a few minutes...The board is ready to be administered.
As part of the initialization process, a new remote access key has been
generated.  The key fingerprint is listed below.  This should be the
fingerprint presented by the board the next time you connect to it.
Key Fingerprint: a89e-c2b2-0db8-6bfa-78ca-160b-6562-45c2-20cb-fc2c

Security Officer Login: devsecofr
Security Officer Password: 
scamgr{mca0@localhost, devsecofr}> exit