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Easy money transfer with QR-Code / Einfache Überweisung mit airplaneBezahlcode

You can generate your first QR-code here and use it as a template.

For example you get this Payload


Important: You have to escape the % (comment in LaTeX) with a \


This is the Payload you have to use inside you LaTeX-Document.

How to integrate a QR-Code in your LaTeX-Dokument / Bezahlcode in die Rechnung integrieren

You have to add following code to your LaTeX-Dokument

%maybe \RequirePackage{graphicx}
  \psbarcode{PAYLOAD}{eclevel=L width=1.0 height=1.0}{qrcode}

The documentation for psbarcode

Some banking apps supporting Bezahlcode:
  • OutBank DE (Onlinebanking für iOS)
  • OutBank 2 iOS, OutBank 2 OS X (Onlinebanking für iOS und OS X)
  • iOutBank Lite, iOutBank Pro (Onlinebanking für iOS)
  • GrandTotal (MacOS/iOS Rechnungsprogramm)
  • Billomat (Online-Dienst für Angebote, Rechnungen und mehr)
  • JTL Shop (Shopsystem)
  • Billings & Billings Pro
  • BezahlCode Plugin für Billings
  • iFinance Mobile
  • MoneyMoney
  • g*Sales
  • EuroFaktura
  • Totals 2
  • MonKey Office
  • ShakeHands Kontor, Shakehands Faktura
  • InterArzt
  • Gnuaccounting
  • Banking4
  • Sparkasse+
  • Sparda-Bank Mobile Banking App
  • Lemniscus Praxisverwaltung
  • Hibiscus
  • my-Warehouse Shopsystem
  • epirent