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How to access the SOLIDserver database

SOLIDserver uses a postgresql database. You can access this database via CLI. The database is named ness2

# psql ness2
psql (9.1.14)
Type "help" for help.

# psql ness2 root
psql (9.1.14)
Type "help" for help.

For example member (in the failover setup)

ness2=# select * from member;

A little bit cleaner where member_typ is M (Master) and B (Backup).

ness2=# select oid,member_type,member_name from member;
 oid | member_type |       member_name
   2 | M           |
   1 | B           |
(2 rows)

or DNS

ness2=# select * from dns;

or user

ness2=# select * from usr limit 2;

or to which group the user belongs

select * from usr limit 2;
select * from usr where oid=2;
select * from link_grp_usr where usr_id=2;
select * from grp where oid=1;
select * from link_grp_service where grp_id=1;

Or any other table