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Realtiv neuer Chipsatz-Hersteller: The Marvell® Libertas™ 88W8000 and 88W8200 chipset represent the highest performance CMOS 802.11b Physical Layer solution available on the market. The 88W8000 device performs all the functions of an RF transceiver by integrating a near 20dBm power amplifier, low noise amplifier, voltage-controlled oscillator, frequency synthesizer, as well as other necessary RF and analog functions onto one chip. This is a departure from competing solutions which offer equivalent functionality in many discrete chips. The 88W8200 digital baseband processor includes a high resolution ADC/DAC design and special DSP algorithms to maximize performance. Special consideration was taken to provide class-leading multi-path and sensitivity performance. The 88W8000 and 88W8200 chipset interfaces to many 802.11b Media Access Controller (MAC) chips to form a complete 802.11b client or access point solutions.

Chipsatz Libertas 88W8000 and 88W8200

Angeblich ist Marvell mit einem Marktanteil von über 70 % auf dem 'Embedded-WLAN Anwender-Markt' (was immer das genau sein mag...) führend (Quelle: Pressemeldung anlässlich der Vorstellung des neuen Marvell 88W8686-Chipsatzes vom 20.7.2005.)

-- Stephan Pietzko - 9. Okt. 2002

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