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Chipsatzhersteller, der seit Ende 2001 'herkömmliche' 802.11b-Chipsätze anbietet, inzwischen auch 11g-Chips unter dem Namen '54g', sowie einen Combi-Chipsatz für a, b, und g. Broadcom geht ebenso wie Intersil davon aus, dass alle Änderungen, die das Standardisierungsgremium für 802.11g noch beschliesst, über Firmware-Upgrades in den Karten implementiert werden können. 'Pre-11g-Produkte' mit gleichem Chipsatz sollten in der Regel zusammenarbeiten, bei Broadcom wären das im Bereich 802.11g:

  • Belkin
  • Buffalo
  • Linksys

(Quelle: Network Computing, Ausgabe 4/2003, S.1/S.12)

Weitere Informationen zum 802.11b Chipsatz von Broadcom:

The AirForce BCM94301 reference design family consists of IEEE 802.11b certified client solutions operating in the 2.4 GHz band. It supports single or multi-function capability for PCI, MiniPCI, Cardbus, PCMCIA, and Compact Flash form factors. The AirForce reference design is based on the BCM430x integrated baseband MAC chip and BCM2051 radio chip.

The BCM94301 is an optimal solution for the end user. The AirForce client system is fully compatible with all 802.11b Wi-Fi certified products and includes easy to use software and WHQL certified drivers. Advanced signal processing and excellent receiver sensitivity produce excellent range. All client form factors benefit from industry leading throughput. The system design has the lowest CPU utilization and power consumption, which leaves resources available for other functions. And, the system's multiple security features have minimal impact on performance.

The BCM94301 is the best solution for manufacturers. The AirForce client system is tailored for lower cost and faster manufacturing. Direct conversion radio architecture uses fewer external parts and eliminates the external RF filter. The assembly is simple with a single-sided board, 2-chip, standard all CMOS solution with a fully integrated VCO. The manufacturing process is improved by a complete suite of test tools, on-chip auto-calibration that removes the radio calibration step from the test process, and a production-quality board design. Manufacturers also benefit from the flexible, high-performance MAC that will support IEEE-specified QoS and security upgrades.

  • BCM94301
  • BCM2051
  • BCM4301
  • BCM4307
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