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Howto install Solaris 10 on Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 S6

Configure iRMC (Remote Management)

  • Configure IP
  • use Java 1.5 latest
  • The RAID-Card (LSI MegaRAID) does not support JBOD, so you have to configure every disk separate for using ZFS
    • Do not use the WebBIOS (CTRL-H) GUI
    • Use the CLI (CTRL-Y)
      • -PDList -a0 show all physical disks (the controller should be in most cases 0) and remember your CaseID and Disk-Number)
      • -CFGLDADD -r0[CaseID:DiskNumber] -a0 for example -CFGLDADD -r0[64:0] -a0
      • -LDSETPROP EnDskCache -LAll -aAll enable disk cache on all disks
    • Sometimes it is usefull to clear the old config befor adding a disk
      • CFGCLR -a0
      • =CFGFOREIGN -CLEAR -a0
      • CFGLDADD -r0[64:0] -a0
      • CFGLDADD -r0[64:1] -a0
      • CFGLDADD -r0[64:2] -a0
      • CFGLDADD -r0[64:3] -a0
      • LDSETPROP EnDskCache -LAll -aAll
      • q for quit
  • use the Remote Storage function from the video redirection (a direclty connected USB-DVD doesn't work)
  • Start the Solaris installation
    • When you get the Error ERROR: The disc you inserted is not a Solaris OS CD/DVD
      • connect the USB-DVD directly to you hardware
      • ls -l /dev/usb/* search for you usb or cdrom device
      • ls -l /dev/dsk/* try to find the same physical device within disks
      • mount -F hsfs /dev/dsk/cXt0d0p0 /cdrom
      • /sbin/install-solaris


ACPI Error => seems to be no problem

WARNING: pci_process_acpi_device: invalid _BBN 0xff
WARNING: pci_process_acpi_device: invalid _BBN 0xfe

DVD Error

ERROR: The disc you inserted is not a Solaris OS CD/DVD.


  1. GRUB => Oracle Solaris
  2. Solaris DVD boot => 4. Oracle Solaris Interactive Text (Console session)