Sysadmin > PeakflowX > SetLicense

set license

After a reinstall the license key was gone and i got
admin@arbos:/system/license# / service nsi start
000: This product does not have a valid license
000: No license set / malformed license.

luckily i had written down my license key. But i got all the time
invalid license

I had to set the licence key with the exact product and model
 / system license set Peakflow-X "pfx-model: PKF-XCOL-16KUL" EVV0G-3S13R-9VG6Z-52NNP-FQ5Q9-CJ005-WWEF3-2K4QM-5P2S4
than it works (key slightly modified wink ).

For example you get for Pravail on an Peakflow X Hardware:
/ system license show
Product: Peakflow-X
Expires: Never

or Pravail
/ system license set Pravail-NSI "nsi-model: PRA-NSI-5120" HPMQZ-Y2B9T-AWCCP-6TX63-CJ08S-T6TX12-M3URG-89GST-Z9ND0