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Use Cisco VPN IPSec with Mac OS X


Build in VPN (Cisco IPSec) with iOS works fine.

Mac OS X

Cisco VPN Client

Did not work with Snow Leopard and Lion cause of default 64 bit mode. You can use 32 bit mode (press 3 and 2 while booting), but the VPN-Client is still unstable.

Release Note:
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                            C   I   S   C   O



For support please contact

vpnclient-darwin- - Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6

This file describes the contents of the Cisco VPN Client files for the 
Mac OS X platform

Refer to the Bug Navigator on Cisco Connection Online for open issues:

The Cisco VPN Client for Mac OS X does NOT support the following:
* 64bit OS support

Known Issues:
CSCto69354 IPSEC VPN client doesn't work on 64bit MAC OSX Thunderbolt
* workaround is to boot into 32bit kernel mode Resolved Issues:
Added support for Mac OS 10.6 Resolved Issues:
CSCso13689 mac client issues with mac book air dynamic ethernet interfaces
CSCsv47678 "Launch" button in update notification does not work on Mac
CSCsv29102 Files left behind un-deleted after an uninstall
CSCsu99757 unity mac update notification fails to match version properly
CSCsq29795 MAC VPN Client unable to enroll Online Cert with IOS CA
CSCso78480 Multiple Issues in MAC OSX VPN Client
CSCsd62216 Minimize upon connect doesn't work with MAC OS X 4.9 vpn client
CSCej01792 unity mac append split dns list to search list option
CSCsl12584 MacOS X uninstall script indicates wrong version & why folders are left

Unresolved Issues:


Previous revision:
Files: vpnclient-darwin-

See Release Notes for Release 4.6 at:
For anyone planning on redistributing the client please refer to:

Section 4 to ensure you comply with Cisco Copyrights and Licenses agreement.

Try to use the the nativ VPN-Client as in iOS

VPN Connection

Could not validate the server certificate. Verify your 
settings and try to reconnecting.

Still no sollution, but try:
  • to extract all missing certificates from the .mobileconfig for iOS
  • try to extract the shared secret from the .mobileconfig for iOS echo blablabla | gbase64 -di (works)
  • or use the file.pcf and decode the password with
  • wip