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Recover a RAID disk

The hardware raid (Perc 3 Adaptec) in my Dell crashed so badly, that i was not able access this disks in a identical machine.

I put one half of the mirror in an other Dell (Perc 4 LSI) and configures it as a single disk.

Than i tried to eleminate the offset for the RAID config in the beginning of the disk with

dd if=/dev/ld1d of=/space/diskimage.dd bs=512 skip=191

and mount is a loopback device

but i allways get errors frown, sad smile

Than i discovered scan_ffs.

scan_ffs -l /dev/ld1 > partition.txt

afterwards i edited the file and calculated span into the list. Than i made a disklabel ld1 and merged the two files to a resonable partionlist.


disklabel -R ld1 partition.txt

i wrote a new disklabel and could easily mount my partitions.