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In Mac OS X Lion key repeat is disabled (hold down a and get aaaaaaaaaaaa) I f you like to enable it again, type this in the terminal and reboot. defaults write ...
Backup your Mac on board * Time Machine local disk * Time Machine via Mac OS X Server or Time Capsule * TimeMachineEditor change the default interval ...
Since Yosemite there is a cool renaming feature in MAC OS X How to easily batch or bulk rename files with cool feature in Finder. 1 Select several files in the...
Copy Paste without style or format Did you copy paste through a editor to avoid the formating in the new document? Here's a solution for you * http://www.macob...
How to Set a Zip Password in Mac OS X You can create password protected archives of files and folders: Launch the Terminal from the Applications Utilities folde...
Mac OS X Gatekeeper security sudo spctl master disable sudo spctl master enable sudo xattr rd com.apple.quarantine /Applications/LockedApp.app
list every process as root ps aAE or for example search AdobeIPCBroker ps aAE grep i Adobe 106 ?? 0:00.38 /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe ...
How to make a bootable USB Stick with El Captain 1 Download der OS X El Capitan installer into the Application folder via App Store. The installer will remove ...
I had Problems to connect my smtp Server I got the error message Error Domain=NSPOSIXErrorDomain Code=60 "Operation timed out" I have a Telecom Connection with a...
Mac OS X Security * Using YubiKey as Smart Card * Smart Card only login * Serveral Login Features
How to start a very simple webserver with buildin tools /usr/bin/python m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
tag files from CLI or shell find . name "*.txt" xargs file grep v HTML cut d: f1 cut d\/ f1 3 xargs I% tag add foo '%'
How to setup Mac OS X Terminal * Make sure you choose xterm not vt100 in Profiles Advanced Terminfo display colors * Disable Allow Mouse Reporting in Me...
How to use a Mac OS X Server as a cache for Software Updates Unmanaged clients Use these steps to point client Macs that aren't managed with a configuration prof...
How to view ALL processes in Mac OS X use Activity Monitor or use ps aux in the Terminal.
XeTeX with MacPorts ports install texlive xetex ports install texlive fonts recommended ports install texlive math extra eventually use texlive bin with the atsu...
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