How to find the vendor-id and device-id (PCI-ID) of a Wireless LAN PCMCIA or PCCARD

The Vendor-ID and the Device-ID (or both together the PCI-ID) are the unique Number for every typ of Wireless LAN Card. Drivers discover there card with that number. Companies change marketingsnames and device numbers very fast or they change the chipset and not the name.

But the real truth ist the vendor-id and device-id, they are the numbers drivers count of.

  • Vendor ID
  • Device ID
  • Subsystem ID
  • Hardware Revision ID

Therefor it is important to know the IDs of your Card.

How do i find the vendor-id and device-id of my Wireless LAN card?

Mac OS X

Open Terminal and type ioreg -bl and search for your device


lspci für PCI und PC-Card

cardinfo für PC-Card (PCMCIA)

lsusb für USB



In meinem NetBSD geht das z.B. mit pcictl pci2 dump -d 2


Google schlägt vor: (Ausprobiert habe ich es nicht, mir reicht lspci. wink )

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