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Trimble SVeeSix CM3

This auction is for a Trimble SVeeSix CM-3 OEM Embedded (Core Module) GPS Receiver and miniature OEM antenna. It is guaranteed to be in working condition and has been checked out. It will be checked again before going into the shipping box. It is capable of operating in 3 modes. They are TSIP, TAIP and NMEA. One important feature is the 1 pps (pulse per second) output for precision timing circuits. I will test it and ship it in the mode of your choice if requested. To operate with a PC this module will require a regulated 5 volt power supply and RS-232 line drivers. A circuit is available on the links links below. The software exists on the Trimble FTP site to change it between modes as you desire. All ham radio APRS applications will require NMEA mode. It has been the standard receiver for most APRS controllers for years. A spec sheet and other technical links can be found using the search engine of your choice for Trimble CM3 .

Interfacing and accessing the 1ppm signal. -

Version of above for the CM-3 receiver -

DOS program to monitor the 1pps output -

Trimble manual section on TAIP - Trimble FTP site . Includes "C" examples. Print out index.pdf for details. I used program 30323-63 to convert from TAIP to NMEA -

Schematic and Board layout to use CM-3 -

Lots of Ham hardware to use with gps receivers. One example is ->

Buyer will agree to pay $8.00 shipping and handling cost. Payment must be received within 7 days of the end of the auction. The items will ship USPS unless other arrangements are made. I will ship the day after receiving payment. I accept PayPal as the form of payment. Thanks for stopping by .