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How to colorize dhcpd logs

On some linux grep will make some colors. With export GREP_COLOR='01;34' you can change the grep color.

tail -f /var/log/messages | grep "\(10.151.37.[12]..\|10.146.55.[12]..\)"

If you like to colorize some more statements use

tail -f /var/log/messages | sed -f /root/.coloriselog | grep "\(10.151.37.[12]..\|10.146.55.[12]..\)"

with the sed script (in this case /root/.coloriselog)
s/unknown\ network\ segment/\x1b[31munknown network segment\x1b[39m/g
s/ignored/\x1b[31mignored \x1b[39m/g
s/BOOTP\ from\ dynamic\ client\ and\ no\ dynamic\ leases/\x1b[31mBOOTP from dynamic client and no dynamic leases\x1b[39m/g
s/no\ free/\x1b[31mno\ free\x1b[39m/g
s/not\ found/\x1b[31mnot found\x1b[39m/g
s/unknown\ lease/\x1b[31munknown lease\x1b[39m/g
s/wrong\ network/\x1b[31mwrong network\x1b[39m/g
s/network\ unknown/\x1b[31mnetwork unknown\x1b[39m/g
s/unknown\ subnet/\x1b[31munknown subnet\x1b[39m/g

Usefull link to determin colors