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Initial Setup

default password

ciscoasa> en
Password: <just_enter>
ciscoasa# configure terminal

now you are ready to configure

reset factory default

clear config all or write erase

On a new ASA it is a good idea to clear the config anyway, because the initial config is sometimes slightly different. The factory default config contains some initial configs for the management interface, the webserver and aconfig for a dhcp server.

initial setup

You can choose Pre-configure Firewall now through interactive prompts [yes]? choose no, because we will configure it manually. The config seems to be different on fresh unpacked ciscos, eventually you have to throw away any dhcp settings.

configure terminal

The IP of the management interface:

interface Management0/0
 no shutdown
 nameif management
 security-level 100
 ip address

Webserver and from which IP you can access the webserver:

http server enable
http management

Now you can use your browser to make some additional setups. https://w.x.y.z Login enable_15 with an empty password.


EXEC password:

ciscoasa(config)# passwd xxxxxxxxx

configures local users and their associated passwords:

ciscoasa(config)# username admin password xxxxxxxx privilege 15

enable password - configures the password used to enter enable mode:

ciscoasa(config)# enable password xxxxxxxx

Security Contexts (virtual firewalls)

ciscoasa(config)# mode multiple
WARNING: This command will change the behavior of the device
WARNING: This command will initiate a Reboot
Proceed with change mode? [confirm]
Convert the system configuration? [confirm]
The old running configuration file will be written to flash
The admin context configuration will be written to flash
The new running configuration file was written to flash
Security context mode: multiple