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Todos after the first Solaris boot Give root a separate home # mkdir /root Change home dir in /etc/passwd for root to /root Use a better password algorithm More...
FreeBSD example commands Work in Progress tmux virtual terminal similar to screen tmux ctrl b d tmux a ctrl b c ctrl b n https://tmuxcheatsheet.com Temperatur...
http://sysadmin.wiki/Work/WebTopicList http://sysadmin.wiki/Sysadmin/WebTopicList http://sysadmin.wiki/Main/WebTopicList http://sysadmin.wiki/Sysadmin/ASA5520Boot...
Oracle Solaris 10 * AfterbootSolaris * SolarisAtStrato * EncryptFiles * SolarisBlogroll * ChangeHostnameOrIP * SolarisAuthViaTacacs * UpdateW...
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