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L2TP from iPhone to Cisco IOS * http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/23023
Cisco ASA with IPSec/VPN for Apple iOS Step by step guide We start with a clean factory default config This will erase you current config!!! ciscoasa enable ci...
Mobile Collaboration Multiplatform and Multifunction * Skype * WebEx * yammer chat, company facebook * Box files, contacts, web, nativ apps, integrati...
Mobile Device Management (MDM) Mobile Device Management enables businesses to manage large scale deployments. Several (commercial) MDM Server in conjunction with ...
http://sysadmin.wiki/Work/WebTopicList http://sysadmin.wiki/Sysadmin/WebTopicList http://sysadmin.wiki/Main/WebTopicList http://sysadmin.wiki/Sysadmin/ASA5520Boot...
iPhone VPN on demand (automatically activate VPN Profile for some special Websites) * http://www.0x8847.net/2010/07/iphone os vpn on demand/ * http://www.en...
(This is a Wiki, feel free to add or edit content; you just need to register.) This is disabled at the moment cause of maintainance, but will be enabled soon. Tag...
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