DIY boskke sky planter

Self made hanging Upside Down Planter
similar to the boskke sky planter

I like to have some of the cool upside down hanging planters like the genial boskke sky planter. But the boskke is very expensive, especially if you like to have lot of them. So i decided to make them by myself. As i use IKEA planters it is some sort of Ikea-Hacking.

This is one of my self made upside down planters. Left is a older original boskke, and right is my self made planter. IMG_7146.jpg IMG_1504_small.jpg IMG_1505_small.jpg



I tried several things, but ended with a Tyvek membran and a water permeable fleece to hold the plant.
Water vapor can pass through Tyvek, but liquid water cannot, so it fulfills the properties of the clay pot of the boskke sky planter.


You need a relative high planter, so that you have a bigger water reservoir.

These are from IKEA and cost 2,50 EUR. Additional you need a sheet Tyvek and a sheet of strong water permeable fleece (cost some cent for the area you need), epoxy glue and of cause a plant.
IMG_7100_x300.jpg IMG_7102_x300.jpg IMG_7103_x300.jpg


We start with the three small holes (5mm diameter) for the hanging cord and to pour the plant.
IMG_7107_x300.jpg IMG_7108_x300.jpg IMG_7109_x300.jpg

Now we make the pouring hole bigger (8mm diameter, i had nothing bigger)
IMG_7105_x300.jpg IMG_7111_x300.jpg IMG_7114_x300.jpg


Don't forget to attach the cord (afterwards it is much more difficult)
IMG_7115_x300.jpg IMG_7116_x300.jpg IMG_7149_x300.jpg


Now we need the material for the membran. I tried to use Tyvek alone, but this seems too fragile. Now i use a layer Tyvek and additional a layer of a strong water permeable fleece (used for drainage under a flagging).
IMG_7122_x300.jpg IMG_7123_x300.jpg IMG_5144_x300.jpg


I use two component epoxy glue. The glue sticks much better if you make the surface rough with sand paper.
IMG_7125_x300.jpg IMG_5166_x300.jpg IMG_7138_x300.jpg

Glue the first membran

With a strong cylinder you put the glue and the two layers into the planter. This is a little bit tricky. You have to experiment where to put the glue (in the pot or in onto the fleece). The sheet of fleece and Tyvel has to be much bigger for better handling. And the cylinder must have the right diameter, so that it ends in the right depth of the pot. I the beginning is used plastic cylinder, but with the strong fleece i switched to a can.
IMG_7130_x300.jpg IMG_7134_x300.jpg IMG_7135_x300.jpg


Wait for an hour (so that the glue is tight enough, but you can still remove it in case you made an error)

Test you construction, if it is water tight.
IMG_5142_x300.jpg IMG_5143_x300.jpg

Cut off the overlapp

If your construction is water tight you can cut of the overlapping edge of the fleece. If it is not tight you can carefully rip the fleece off and try it again or you can try to fill in some glue through the holes and let it flow along the brink of the fleece (i had success with wood glue).
IMG_7136_x300.jpg IMG_7137_x300.jpg

Sequenz of the membran

Don't be confused, i experiment with Tyvek on the upper or the lower side. So i have pictures with both.

water-tyvek-fleece-plant left prefered

I think it is better to glue the Tyvek directly to the pot and have the strong fleece to the side of the plant. This way i had better water tight planters. Althrough i had problems to get the glue through the Tyvek and gluing the strong fleece.


With the strong fleece to the water side the glue is going much better through the strong fleece and glues the Tyvek very good, but i had problems to get a water tight membran.

You have to test yourself, but for now i think ist is better to have the Tyvek to the water and the strong fleece to the plant side.

Plant and how to fix it

Option 1

Put the fleece directly onto the potting soil and seed directly into it.

Make the edge rough with sand paper, so that the glue holds much better. Put in your potting soil and glue the fleece close to the soil.
IMG_7138_x300.jpg IMG_5146_x300.jpg IMG_5149_x300.jpg

Cut the overlapping fleece and make a small hole for the seed.
IMG_5150_x300.jpg IMG_5151_x300.jpg IMG_5147_x300.jpg

Option 2

Put in your plant, cut a small hole and a line to the edge in the fleece, put it around your plant and glue it onto the edge of the planter.

This is very tricky handling (you have allways to little hands). But the result is very nice.

IMG_7138_x300.jpg IMG_7140_x300.jpg IMG_7142_x300.jpg IMG_7143_x300.jpg IMG_7144_x300.jpg IMG_7145_x300.jpg

Option 3

Build a bayonet fitting similar to the boskke pot.

This was also very much fiddling and i lost always some soil.
IMG_5172_x300.jpg IMG_5173_x300.jpg IMG_5174_x300.jpg IMG_5175_x300.jpg IMG_5177_x300.jpg IMG_5180_x300.jpg

Option 4

Buy a boskke sky planter

You can still buy one. 8-P
Especially the ceramic ones are very nice.
IMG_5039_x300.jpg IMG_5120_x300.jpg IMG_5121_x300.jpg IMG_5122_x300.jpg IMG_5181_x300.jpg IMG_5182_x300.jpg


Option 2
IMG_7147_x300.jpg IMG_7148_x300.jpg IMG_7146_x300.jpg

Option 1

Option 3
IMG_5178_x300.jpg IMG_5179_x300.jpg IMG_5180_x300.jpg


I would appreciate any feedback or comment via email right UpsideDownPlanter (a)

Unused pictures

I left all unused pictures for reference here, maybe you find something usefull (if you omit _x300.jpg you can view the pictures in a bigger resolution).

IMG_7117_x300.jpg IMG_7110_x300.jpg IMG_7112_x300.jpg IMG_5083_x300.jpg IMG_5084_x300.jpg IMG_5085_x300.jpg IMG_5086_x300.jpg IMG_5125_x300.jpg IMG_5126_x300.jpg IMG_5127_x300.jpg IMG_5129_x300.jpg IMG_5130_x300.jpg IMG_5131_x300.jpg IMG_5132_x300.jpg IMG_5133_x300.jpg IMG_5134_x300.jpg IMG_5135_x300.jpg IMG_5136_x300.jpg IMG_5137_x300.jpg IMG_5138_x300.jpg IMG_5139_x300.jpg IMG_5140_x300.jpg IMG_5141_x300.jpg IMG_5142_x300.jpg IMG_5143_x300.jpg IMG_5145_x300.jpg IMG_5154_x300.jpg IMG_5155_x300.jpg IMG_5156_x300.jpg IMG_5157_x300.jpg IMG_5158_x300.jpg IMG_5159_x300.jpg IMG_5160_x300.jpg IMG_5161_x300.jpg IMG_5162_x300.jpg IMG_5163_x300.jpg IMG_5164_x300.jpg IMG_5165_x300.jpg IMG_5167_x300.jpg IMG_5168_x300.jpg IMG_5169_x300.jpg IMG_5170_x300.jpg IMG_5171_x300.jpg IMG_5183_x300.jpg IMG_5184_x300.jpg IMG_7104_x300.jpg IMG_7118_x300.jpg IMG_7119_x300.jpg IMG_7120_x300.jpg IMG_7121_x300.jpg IMG_7131_x300.jpg IMG_7132_x300.jpg IMG_7139_x300.jpg IMG_7151_x300.jpg IMG_7152_x300.jpg IMG_7153_x300.jpg IMG_7154_x300.jpg

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